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   GEOMECA 4e  (Geometric Calculator 4e) - English and Korean







 Sun. 26-JAN-2020


Instructions for use

  1.  You can online order it by clicking 'Transmit on-line order' button after clicking 'Order' above.
  2. After your payment is verified (Wire Payment ), you will receive the issue of a download-key and product serial number, installation key by e-mail.
    (Within at latest 24hours from the time that your payment is verified, because of intending to transact it collectively one or two times a day.)

  3. You download the software product (-after login, click the download button one more time-) and install it.
  4. After you receive a certification, you are allowed to use the software. ( Method: automatically by internet online  or receiving a Certification key via e-mail.)
  5. (How to use: Refer to Help file included to the software or 'How to use' of this website)

  6. Contact us: (TEL) 82-31-563-7488   (Fax) 82-31-568-7485  (Mobile) 82-11-9774-7485  (e-mail)  _ geomeca.com
  7. (Pease let me know the fact that you transfer the payment via e-mail or by using the telephone.)


Information that you should know :

When downloading: Order No.(written on the online order), Registered e-mail and password, download-key

When installing : Product serial number, installation key


Essential Certification

    After your payment that you submit by 'Wire Payment' is verified ,
  • you will receive an online automatic certification when starting the GEOMECA 4e program.