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Sample by  GEOMECA 4e

Graph: y=f(x)  x=f(u): y=g(u)  x=f(y)  r=f(u)  u=angle  x=f(u): y=g(u): z=h(u)  r=f(u): c=g(u): p=h(u)  z=f(x,y), x = f(y, z), y = f(z, x)  r=f(u, v)  x=f(u, v):y=g(u,v):z= h(u,v)

     r=f(u, v):c=g(u,v):p = h(u,v)  r=f(u): p=g(u):z=h(u)  r=f(u,v):p=g(u,v):z= h(u,v)  f(x,y,z)=0  f(r,u)=0  Other figures: Command  Other figures: figure tools  a body of  rotation 

Calculation: Science  Rational numbers  multivariable  function   f(x) dx    f(x, y) dxdy  dy/dx  dy/dx  at  x=p  Partial diff. (coefficient)   complex numbers 1   2   

     decomposition to prime factors   1   2   nPr, nCr, nHr, n!    1   2    +,-,*,/,sqr 1   2   Statistic Analysis:1   2   3   4    5   6   7  Matrix: How to use: the 13th

     intersections (Solving the simultaneous equations)

World major earthquake analysis chart

Sample by  GEOMECA 3