How to use: Here, we can learn how to use the scientific calculator software GEOMECA (Geometric calculator)

Development of Geometric Calculator [GEOMECA]

[Drawing screen]   Click the button.

[Picture collection screen]           


[Drawing screen]

V1.0- [by qbasic]

 This version is run in DOS. It can draw functions of the type of  y=f(x), x=f(y),  x=f(z); y=f(z) (parametric function), r=f(z), z=(angle) (polar coordinates system). It can draw a graph to  transform the formula, trace the coordinate value of the graph. It has the following function; scientific calculation, saving a picture to bmp-file, printing in dos, adjusting the increase of variable value of domain.


[Picture collection screen]

V1.0 -  here, being also possible to draw a graph

V2.0-[by visual basic]

  The function of this version is similar to version 1.0.  Saving a numerical formula. Printing.  Other  functions are strengthened  and added.  Adding more convenient function in trace function


V2.0 - Opening only picture files (to view graphs) and Printing - up to 35 numbers in the folder

V3.0- The size of the drawing screen and the entire screen of this program are adjustable in any size. All of  Graph, Trace, Transformation is  upgraded to 3 dimensions.  The function of the picture collection screen and other functions were so strengthened  that one can modify, apply the picture later. And after drawing and editing, modifying the picture, we can save the picture collectively or individually. We can use it in studying, and edit simply, modify and apply pictures easily.  Adding more convenient function to use.  It is possible to draw  the graph of mathematical function at will. In the function of calculation the results is also displayed as an irreducible fraction. The function of  calculation of rational number, parametric multi variable  function , and integral were added. Also 'Help' function was added.  It is possible to input characters in the picture and modify it.


V3.0 - After making a picture box, we can save a picture and characters of the drawing screen in the picture box. It is possible to adjust the size of the picture box. In modifying mode it is possible to modify items inputted before. Being also possible to move the position of the picture box. Being possible to copy and paste only the picture in the picture box. Being possible to make picture boxes up to 255 numbers. Being possible to save and open the picture box  collectively or individually.

Demo - Its function was restricted from v2.03. It  was restricted so that  only the graph of  rational, polynomial functions in the type of y=f(x) may be drawn.

V4.0 - (Korean)    V4.0 - eng: English version: the latest version

4 (v4.1) - Korean:    4e (v4.1) -  Switching between Korean and English

   The part applied to v5.0 is reflected in v4.0.

5 (v5.0) - 4.0 Improvement, Function Graph, Formula Editor, Matrix Calculation Programming, Statistical Calculation (Function Added)

   Switching between Korean and English