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1.Special CD, CM & Download

   GEOMECA 4e  (Geometric Calculator 4e) - English and Korean version ( Special CD or CM include both.)



 Special  CD

 US$ 88+20*(x-1)  (x=' No. of certifications')

 Special  CM

 US$ 88 * m                  m='number of CD'



 1 year use

 (Whenever renewing)

 (' number of certifications'=1): US$ 20

 (x  is 2 or more): US$ 16 * (x -1) (x='no. of certifications) (20% discount)

 Permanence (with a PC)

 US$( 66+20*(x-1) ) (x=' number of certifications')

 Permanence: additon of certification

 US$( 66+20*(x-1) ) (x=' number of addition certifications') 

 (for each related serial number)

Including an 'installation CD' and a 'product serial number' and an 'installation key' that are in the CD case which is sealed up in a  wrapping vinyil. Aslo including the document of 'GEOMECA software License (Contract of Use)' together outside the CD case.  Both the CD case which is sealed up and the document are also sealed up in another wrapping vinyil.  You will be allowed to use the GEOMECA 4e program normally after certification like the product for downloading.

(You should install the software with this one CD and will receive the certification as many as the number of the ordered installations.)


 Sun. 20-OCT-2019


Instructions for use

  1. You can receive the On-line Estimates by clicking 'Viewing estimate & Print' button after clicking 'Order' above.
    You can online order it by clicking 'Transmit on-line order' button after clicking 'Order' above.
  2. After your payment is verified (Wire Payment ), you will receive the issue of a download-key and product serial number, installation key by e-mail.
    (Within at latest 24hours from the time that your payment is verified, because of intending to transact it collectively one or two times a day.)

  3. You download the software product (-after login, click the download button one more time-) and install it.
  4. After you receive a certification, you are allowed to use the software. ( Method: automatically by internet online  or receiving a Certification key via e-mail.)
  5. (How to use: Refer to Help file included to the software or 'How to use' of this website)

  6. Contact us: (TEL) 82-31-563-7488   (Fax) 82-31-568-7485  (Mobile) 82-11-9774-7485  (e-mail)  _ geomeca.com
  7. (Pease let me know the fact that you transfer the payment via e-mail or by using the telephone.)


Information that you should know :

When downloading: Order No.(written on the online order), Registered e-mail and password, download-key

When installing : Product serial number, installation key


Essential Certification

    After your payment that you submit by 'Wire Payment' is verified ,
  • a. you will receive an online automatic certification when starting the GEOMECA 4e program.
  • b. (For computers not to use internet: In the case of ordering 'permanence (with a PC)') Please send an e-mail accompanying the made text file containing the product serial number and unique number to an e-mail address which is displayed on certification screen.  ( When starting the GEOMECA 4e program, if you select the 'Make' button on the certification screen, 'report' dialogue box will show you the location of the text file containing the numbers.)
       You will receive a certification key or a certification execution file made according to the information via e-mail.
     After certifying the software by inputting the certification key or running the certification execution file, you are allowed to use the GEOMECA 4e program normally.
       Be sure not to run the execution file more than once.
     Also you can receive a certification by telephone.


Using this program at multiple computers

  • You can receive certifications as many as the number of  installations in the online order.

    In the case of ordering 'permanence (with a PC)', if you send the made text files which contain the product serial number and all unique numbers,   then you will receive a certification execution file made according to the information.

    (After collecting the made text files, please make one text file containing all the made text files and send it.)



  • If you reformat your computer,  you should receive re-certification. (In this case, you can receive it only once)

    You receive certifications for computers as many as the number of the ordered certifications.


Renewal confirmation matter

    The latest order number and registered password are needed. In the special CM, if you are going to add certifications for some serial number, then the serial number is needed.

    The unique number is shown in the information of the software's help.

    You should select 'yes' or 'no' of using the software continually at the PC related with the unique number. 

  • If (Renewal number of certifications)  is grater than (the number of what selecting 'yes'),   then  the software is allowed to install to another PC as many as the number relating with the difference and will be received certifications.

  • Only when (Renewal number of certifications)  is grater than or equal to (the number of what selecting 'Yes'), the order is transmitted.

  • The PC of the unique number selecting 'no'  can be used only to expiration date.

  • Later, when you renew the order again, if you select 'yes' for the stopped unique number, the software can be used again at the PC.

  • You can renew '1 year' to permanence. After ordering with permanence, only permanence certification addition can be ordered for the related serial number.


To change PC to use the software GEOMECA 4e:

    When you formatted a PC or  bought  a new PC  and  when there is a situation to change a using PC  to another PC because of  moving a seat etc., you can receive certification for the software GEOMECA 4e to be used  at a new PC  or a formatted PC  for the rest use-contract term after the use-contract condition is inherited. But, the previous PC cannot receive certification, so if it is not needed any more,  I hope you eliminate it at the previous PC.

  • You should select  PC (A) to change among  using computers and  PC (B)  to use instead of  (A) among computers not renewed or a new PC.

  • B is exchanged with A or is substituted for  A.

  • If you select a new PC,  please input the unique number. And, in third step, you should click 'confirm' in the web page after confirming 'Fail' in the certification screen by executing the program at the PC to use newly. At this time,  when two sending unique numbers are the same, the substitution is approved .

  • The unique number is confirmed in the information of software GEOMECA 4e's help or through the reported explanation of certification screen when executing the software.

  • For what is using, if you change it and are going to change it one more time, then that is possible after 30 days. Also, if you change it after 30 days and are going to change it again on more time, then the change is possible after 365 days. Therefore you can change it up to maximum 2 times in 1 year.  The time when the change is possible repeats the process which is 30 days later and 365 days later after changing.

  • The PC received permanence certification with file or key cannot be changed by internet.  If you formatted it, please contact me.  In this case, you can receive permanence certification only once one more time with file or key.