Sample: Graph, Calculation: GEOMECA (Geometric calculator), which is Scientific calculator software, performs calculation such as statistics, matrix, differention, complex numbers, integral, etc. and draws graphs of functions.


  Animation - Drawing a sine function around the sphere



 Direction of the space-frame: z=17, c=43, p=0

 Frame: Space 1

 X: -10~ 10, Y: -10~ 10,   Z: -10~ 10

 U: 0~ 360, V: 0~ 360

 -----Graph1 (Rad)----------

  Function name: r=10

  Increment of u: .017453

 -----Graph2 (Deg)----------

  Function name: r=10:   c=8sin 24u+72:   p=u

  Increment of u: 1