Sample: Graph, Calculation: GEOMECA (Geometric calculator), which is Scientific calculator software, performs calculation such as statistics, matrix, differention, complex numbers, integral, etc. and draws graphs of functions.


  Transformation by matrix (linear transformation)-Symetry, Rotation, Composition, Parallel etc.


 Xmin=-10, Xmax=10, Xscl=1

 Ymin=-10, Ymax=10, Yscl=1

 Umin=0,  Umax=6.283185308

 r=f(u) type: r=2 (Rad)

Transformation: We input the element of matrix as 2, 0, 0, 2. 


After inputting elements of matrix as cos 30, -sin 30, sin 30, cos 30,  we execute the ' x=8sin u: y=4cos u'.



Matrix transfomation: 1st: 0.5, -0.3,0.4, 0.1

  2nd:  0, -1, 1, 0:  symetry to y=-x


 parallel translation: a=1, b=-3