Sample: Graph, Calculation: GEOMECA (Geometric calculator), which is Scientific calculator software, performs calculation such as statistics, matrix, differention, complex numbers, integral, etc. and draws graphs of functions.

  Finding the intersections of the graphs ( Solving the simultaneous equations)

For example, if we are going to obtain cordinate values of the intersection of y=.5x^2-5 and  y=-x+2,

(1) after selecting the y=f(x) type in the 'Graph' menu, first, input  the expression .5x^2-5  in the expression input text box,

    and press 'Enter' key or click on the icon (or menu) button 'Draw graphs: Perform calculation'.

(2) Next, input the expression -x+2 and draw its graph by pressing 'Enter' key.

(3) Select  the 'icon of  shape like a flickering point' in the 'trace' menu. And a flickering point flickers at the first start point.

(4) By Using arrow-keys and keys such as PgUp, Pg Dn, move the flickering point to the intersection.

    At this time, the coordinate value of the flickering point is represented in the text display window.

(5) Move the flickering point to the intersection one by one and watch the coordinates value in the text display window.