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What  is  GEOMECA ?


    GEOMECA  is  a composite name  of  Geome and ca from  Geometric Calculator which  is scientific calculator software.

   Also it is an enterprise name and the software name.

   The software named as 'Geometric Calculator (GEOMECA)' has been developed since 1997 by Lee, Ho Jin who is a copyright holder.

   GEOMECA  studies and  develops the GEOMECA software and a good software which not only gives a help to mathematic- scientific education but also serves one's convenience  in human life.



   The above picture and characters GEOMECA is a registered trademark & service mark.

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   GEOMECA (Geometric Calculator) is a program that draws graphs and performs calculation as unique original software.

   All pictures in this website were made by this software.

   Please refer  to 'catalog' or 'function, how to use' for more details.

The latest version 4.0


 can draw graphs by expressions of functions, by using commands,  by using the mouse with figure tools.


 can draw a translated figure of an original graph by using translation.


 draws  2- or 3-dimensional graphs and can draw  bodies of rotation easily.


 can make the effect of transparency, reflection, and shadow  by using ray trace.


The position of the drawn graph of function can be traced  point by point  by trace function.

can do calculation in the range of rational numbers (the calculated result is represented to an irreducible fraction),  real numbers, and complex numbers.


can calculate parametric multivariable expressions of funtions, (indefinite)integral , (partial)differentialmatrix calculation, and statistic analysis.


+, -, *, /, sqr, decomposition to prime factors , nPr, nCr, nHr, n!  can be calculated  without regard to ciphers.


can write characters on the picture, open pictures, do basic editing of  pictures.


The drawn graph can be collected and viewed and saved together, and modified later.


 UP TO Version 4.0

   (Version 1.0, Version 2.0, Version 3.0, Demo, Version 4.0)