Sample: Graph, Calculation: GEOMECA (Geometric calculator), which is Scientific calculator software, performs calculation such as statistics, matrix, differention, complex numbers, integral, etc. and draws graphs of functions.


  Gauss's function, simple function of the 3rd degree


  Xmin=-5, Xmax=5, Xscl=1

 Ymin=-5, Ymax=5, Yscl=1

Formula: Int x           restricted region x :-4  ~ 4


 Xmin=-5, Xmax=5, Xscl=1

 Ymin=-5, Ymax=5, Yscl=1

Formula:    x^3,     (x-2)^3,    -(x+1)^3+2


 Xmin=-4, Xmax=10, Xscl=1

 Ymin=-2, Ymax=12, Yscl=1

Formula:  x^2-2x+2

              x^2-2x+2  restricted region: x: -1~4